#waywire Brings Context, Curation to Online Video

Considering the mind-boggling amount of video content on the Web — 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube alone — curation and context are a necessity. A new site called #waywire aims to help users bring order to the chaos and, of course, share the results across their social networks.

Pinterest for Video?
Founded in 2012, #waywire allows users to create collections of videos called “wires.” Wires are similar to YouTube playlists in that they can be tagged and shared. However, unlike playlists, wires can be made up of videos from any site on the Web — not just the #waywire site itself. Users can even download a “Wire It” bookmarklet, so they can easily create wires while surfing across the Web. Users aren’t limited to preexisting videos. They can upload and share their own original content as well. The visual nature of the site also has its founders calling #waywire “Pinterest for video.”

Targeting Socially-Concious Millenials
#waywire users can certainly create wires containing zany pet videos, but the company has loftier goals. In addition to creating a one-stop destination for video curation, #waywire hopes its hyper-connected, socially-conscious millennial target will use the site to connect, share and affect change in the world. For example, company co-founder and Newark mayor Cory Booker has created wires on the civil rights movement, gun control and education reform.

Although the site has scaled back its goal of breaking up the “oligarchy in the media,” it hasn’t completely strayed from those roots. A visit to #waywire’s official profile includes a good number of videos tagged “News & Politics.” So while motivated Gen-Y’ers might not use the site to break revolutionary news stories, they can definitely use it get relevant news from trusted sources.

Can #waywire Succeed?
The company could be successful, but it will more likely be its curation capabilities that fuel this success. It will not be able to match YouTube in terms of sheer volume of content, but #waywire has the human component. Visitors discover new material based on fellow users’ collections, not suggestions from a computer algorithm. And as a result, we will be watching the site moving forward.

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Melissa Booth
Melissa Booth

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