Bing 2012 Search Report

Earlier this week, Bing posted its “Top Searches of 2012 Report” detailing what topics were the most searched by Americans this past year. As with earlier iterations, the report focuses on categories such as people, musicians, videos, news stories and technology among others. In a year that included a recent presidential election, a skydiver breaking the sound barrier, a superstorm that wreaked havoc on the east coast, and possibly our own impending doom*, somehow the Kardashians managed to reign supreme over our collective attention spans.

Kim Kardashian beat out The Biebs this year as the “Most Searched Person,” thus ending our nation’s 12-month bout with “Bieber Fever” (also known as typhoid). See the results below:

1. Kim Kardashian
2. Justin Bieber
3. Miley Cyrus
4. Rhianna
5. Lindsay Lohan
6. Katy Perry
7. Selena Gomez
8. Jennifer Aniston
9. Nicki Minaj
10. Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber did take home the title of “Most Searched Musician,” beating the likes of Selena Gomez, Rhianna and several other Wizards of Waverly Place cast members.

When it came to “Top News Stories” of the year, Hurricane Sandy barely edged out the rise of Honey Boo Boo for fourth place. And although both can be considered superstorms, only one can have a dollar amount attached to the utter destruction and chaos left in its wake. Remember, the world will never truly know the damage inflicted by the land monster known as “Honey Boo Boo” until her reign of terror is officially over.

That being said, let’s take a look at the real meat of the report. Within the “Most Searched Tech” section, Facebook came out on top, as expected, followed by Twitter, Myspace, and LinkedIn. And yes, you read that right … Myspace came in third. This seems even more suspect when you take into account that Pinterest and Google Plus didn’t even crack the top 10. One explanation could be Bing’s tendency to attract a slightly older, less social media savvy audience. Another explanation could be our weird fascination with all things “retro.” Needless to say, the world may never know.

All kidding aside, this list is purely for entertainment purposes and not meant to demonstrate how our collective consciousnesses are slowly dragging our nation down as a whole. What we can learn from this, is that the internet is (and has been for some time) America’s main source for news and information. And whether or not the information is educational, or even informative, isn’t the point. The point is, unlike with previous generations, anything and everything we could ever want to know is right at our fingertips. And regardless of topic, we’re only a few mouse clicks away from it.

*That is, unless John Cusack has anything to say about it.

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Chris Reebie
Chris Reebie

Chris is a director on the search team at Empower, where he has been helping brands successfully devise, implement and manage their paid search initiatives for almost a decade across a wide variety of industries including retail, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals and education. His forward-thinking tactics focused on the areas of bidding, targeting and testing have helped ensure his clients can successfully navigate the hostile waters of the highly competitive paid search industry.