Can Amazon’s CEO Save The Washington Post?

Yesterday’s news that CEO Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post for $250 million stunned the media industry. Of the various perspectives on the topic, here are four I found relevant and interesting.

The Washington Post Is Being Sold to Jeff Bezos. And We Won’t Change a Thing | The Washington Post’s The Fix Blog: While even staffers at The Post are surprised by the acquisition, this blog post claims it won’t affect how they do their work. They believe good content is good content, and good journalism is good journalism. I couldn’t agree more.

The Washington Post Sale Further Devalues Newspapers, Say Experts | MSN: If you look strictly at the numbers, as this article does, The Post is in dire straights, and even Bezos might not be able to help. Surprisingly, there is barely a passing mention of newspapers in the digital space. Since this is Bezos’s native environment, I expect he’ll steer The Post to innovate online, which could be its salvation.

Challenges Face Bezos as He Buys Washington Post | While Bezos doesn’t face an easy road ahead with The Post, he will bring some unique perspective, which could help the organization rebound. As more readers abandon print news for digital sources, Bezos’s background can only help.

Amazon CEO, Founder to Buy Washington Post for $250M | Birmingham Business Journal: There is some interesting historical context to The Post acquisition. While its parent company is publically traded, the same family has controlled The Post for 80 years. I’d like to believe they wouldn’t hand the paper over to someone who would run it into the ground.

Bezos turned from a garage-based startup to a nationwide retail powerhouse. While nothing is guaranteed, he seems capable of helping The Post survive the obsolescence of print media and thrive in the digital age. And based on his approach with, he’s certainly taking the long-term view in this investment.

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Melissa Booth
Melissa Booth

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