CES 2013 – The NOT Top 5

While the Consumer Electronics show is a great place to see the emerging trends in consumer electronics, it’s also a place to wonder what manufacturers  were thinking with some of their so-called “innovations.”  It’s clear that CES is not only a venue to show off your products, but it’s also a place to validate whether it’s time for a product to “go hard or go home.” Below are my #nottop5 — the CES products that are, in my opinion, a stretch to gain any kind of traction in the market.

The Smart Rice Cooker for a Lazy Person


Some manufacturers are taking the connected home a little too far.  In direct contrast to the health gadgets such as ifit and jawbone that promote activity and health, the connected home encourages, as I call it, “technological laziness.” If you get to the point in your life where you feel the need to operate your rice cooker from your couch, it may be time to reevaluate your fitness goals.

TV or Art…oh it’s both!


With the touch of a button, your Mona Lisa print can be transformed into a LCD.  Cool factor…maybe?  But with the TVs today they are in themselves a piece of art and who really wants to watch TV inside of a frame?

Um Polaroid, is that a Flat Screen and a Laptop?


We couldn’t figure out why Polaroid was there or what relevance this brand has left.  We saw digital cameras (which I get if they were to print immediately from the camera), but now they are selling flat screens and laptops with their name prominently placed?  I am not sure there are many people who would like to show off their Polaroid TV or laptop.  I can’t figure out how they are still in business and how they plan to shift their brand equity in the crowded space of electronics.

irobot or “I can’t run a vacuum”



See technological laziness comment above.  I can’t quite understand how something this small can do a sufficient job of cleaning.  I don’t see much of an application other than to scare the dog or provide a ride around the house for your toddler.

Dancing robots? – mRobo, you can’t dance your way to profitability


According to Mr. Robo they plan to revolutionize the way music is listened to by belting it out of speakers on a robot that will dance to that tune while you are listening?  Seriously?  #fail.  If it gives you any indication, Snooki was spotted near this booth.

Disclosure; these comments are meant to be fun and I do wish all these companies/products the best. Sometimes when you see the cutting edge, there are some products that make you scratch your head.

Jim Price President & CEO

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