Big Data Questions ≠ Measurement Questions

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Big Data Questions ≠ Measurement Questions

Far too often, marketers can assume measurement questions are also big data questions. This is not the case. This assumption can distract marketers from measuring enough — or at all. Here are a some articles reminding us of measurement’s importance in marketing and how to do it.

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1) Content sharing has evolved well past link shorteneranalytics. We need to look at the whole field differently, including how itrolls up into larger key performance indicators and how it overlaps withcontent engagement metrics.

Why Your Content Sharing Metrics Are Probably Wrong! | Business 2 CommunityOne of the greatest challenges for social media services firms is providing accurate success metrics to their clients. Business owners in…
2) Channeling Sir Martin Sorrell, econsultancy argues whymeasuring value is a grey swan (known issue) and what we can do to betterattribute a broader range of consumer actions with marketer efforts.
The grey swan of marketing: measuring valueAdvertising guru Sir Martin Sorrel talked about the ‘four grey swans’ affecting the global economy when he released WPPs quarterly figure…

3) Real-Time Bidding Platforms are getting a lot of industryattention. They have a role in online planning and buying, but choosing theright one is critical. MediaPost details several factors to consider during theselection process.

MediaPost Publications Use An Analytic Approach To Choose An RTB Platform 09/13/2012We see how the digital media ecosystem is rapidly shifting from planned negotiated buys to a more dynamic environment where advertisers a…
4) Adometry makes a much-needed point about looking beyondthe click to build more effective online media campaigns.
Data and Frequency Capping Can Drive Better Media Buying: Q&A | Database Marketing content from Chief MarketerMedia planners have traditionally relied on measurements such as clicks and unique visitors to guide their online buys, says Adometry vic…

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