3 Must-Have Tools for Website Optimization

Our world is full of tools. I joke often with my clients that all of our conversations start and end with new tools or approaches that allow us to do our jobs more effectively. The reality is we need specific tools to uncover insights to achieve our goals. Optimizing websites for conversion can be a very resource intensive process.

Below are three critical tools that are my “must haves” for website optimization exercises. All of these combined ensure that our decisions are led by data rather than a hunch without breaking the bank.

1.  Optimizely — they really should rename this A/B testing tool to “magic javascript.” For as little as $19 per month, this tool allows nontechnical resources to setup A/B testing scenarios very quickly by setting up specific goals such as clicks, engagement or conversions. Its interface allows you to replace specific areas on landing pages in a matter of minutes. The data is collected in real-time.

Website a-b testing with Optimizely

2.  Clicktale — knowing how people are navigating your site and responding to specific messaging and visuals is extremely important. Clicktale focuses on customer experience analytics via heat maps, conversion tracking and allowing you to record individual users as they navigate your website. Pricing starts at free for limited functionality and is very reasonably priced.

Heatmap tracking with Clicktale

3.  Google Analytics or Adobe SiteCatalyst — really any website analytics provider will work, but if I have my choice, I default to Google or Adobe depending on how advanced your situation requires. Costs range from free to pricey.

Google Analytics

Bringing customer experience analytics, website analytics and A/B testing data all together is the best way to ensure that your website is running optimally while reducing cycle times. Consumers demand relevant information; let’s give them what they desire via data driven solutions. In the end both consumers and marketers win.

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Mitch Dunn
Mitch Dunn

As the SVP of Integrated Strategy at Empower, Mitch ensures that consumer insights are at the heart of every decision Empower makes on behalf of our clients.