New ARF Research Details Impact of Digital & Social on Consumer Purchases

An inaugural Cincinnati-based marketing research event found Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) chief research officer Don Gloeckler detailing a new ARF research study.

Consumer Purchase Impact from Digital & Social Media 
The ARF project examines the impact of digital and social media on the consumer purchase. The goal of the study is to gain an understanding of how and when consumers use digital and social media at various points in the purchase decision process.

In addition to exploring emotions linked to digital/social media and last-minute purchase influencers, the project aims to answer:

  • What ideas do people get from digital/social media when making a purchase?
  • At what point during the purchase do people turn to digital/social media for guidance?
  • Do people turn to digital/social media to get insights post-purchase?
  • How has digital/social media changed the traditional purchase funnel?

Mapping the Entire Purchase 
The project focuses on three categories that differ in the length of time consumers invest in the purchase process, including: consumer packaged goods (short term), smartphones (midterm) and automotive (long term).

The findings and implications of the study will be presented at the ARF’s Re:think conference in March 2013. For more information on the purchase decision research or ARF membership, please contact Michael Heitner at  or (646) 465.5755.

Consumer Marketing Hub
With consumer brands including Procter & Gamble, Macy’s and Kroger, Cincinnati is a hub of consumer marketing. In addition to a large number of brand and marketing service companies, a high concentration of market research companies are based in the Queen City.

To create a forum to share industry knowledge, Empower MediaMarketing and ARF established the first-ever Cincinnati ARF event.

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Julie Pahutski
Julie Pahutski

Julie Pahutski leads Empower’s Decision Sciences practice, which is responsible for media measurement, market research, and digital/web analytics. Her passion is data, whether it is for advanced targeting, media analysis, attribution modeling, or dashboarding. She spearheaded the creation of many proprietary tools at Empower, including Impact Moments® and MAPS (a geographical targeting system).