Guy Kawasaki’s Messaging Mantra & Media Convergence

In a recent Google Plus Hangout,** Guy Kawasaki touched upon his messaging mantra to ensure your personal communications are more signal than noise.

  • One-Page Memos: Guy may have adopted this approach from Procter & Gamble. But much like emails, it focuses on an appropriate sized message based on the delivery mechanism. The end result makes sure the sender hits the mark and the reader consumes it.
  • Five-Line Emails: By focusing on emails that are no more than five sentences in length, it ensures you focus on just what the message is trying to accomplish. The suggested length is also designed to get senders to rethink if they need to send an email in the first place.
  • 10-15 Second Voicemails: This one is my favorite. How many of us think about the message they’ll leave BEFORE they make the phone call? Composing on the fly can be painful for all involved.
  • 10-20-30 Powerpoint Rule: Guy’s more famous mantra is around slide presentations. First recommended for startup pitches, 10 slides in 20 minutes with 30-point font is designed to minimize “death by powerpoint.”

Marketers Media Convergence Mantra
Headed into 2013, the above specific reminders reinforce the best approach to extending integrated media campaigns across a variety of platforms.

While the message must be singular and consistent, the creative must take full advantage of each platform’s strengths. This attention to detail is critical to media plan effectiveness and overall campaign results. Turning this into a mantra like Guy’s number-inspired advice above, we’ll call this: One Message With Platform-Specific Executions.

In a world where brands foist 34 GB of content on consumers daily, right-sizing our marketing is a critical part of ensuring brands connect with consumers.

**HYPE’s Bold Fusion 2012
The hangout focused on Guy’s presentation at the upcoming #BoldFusion 2012 event. The hangout and event are organized by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. I’m one of several bloggers getting free access to cover the event, which will focus on how the art of enchantment can lead to big impact for attendees, their companies and their communities. Guy is presenting on his book “Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds & Actions.”

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