Empower Enters New York, Hires Content Marketing Pioneer Susman to Run It

MediaPost interviews Andrew Susman, Empower's VP, NYC about trust, proof and returning to agency life.

To read the full announcement in MediaPost, click here.

Our favorite highlights from the interview are below.

Media Daily News: Why are you returning to the agency world now? And why are you doing it with Empower?

Andrew Susman: My mission was to find something where I could be a zealous advocate for something I really believe in. And I believe in Empower and I believe that trust will win.

MDN: Why is bringing Midwestern values to Madison Avenue an important thing?

Susman: I think those values represent a broad-shouldered, truth-telling work ethic. Those are things that don’t exist enough in Manhattan.

MDN: Why did you want to come back to the agency world after creating a content marketing platform?

Susman: I feel the agency business offers an opportunity to see the whole breadth and diversity of media. There’s a lot more to media than simply content marketing. I wanted to re-enter that world because I wanted to be involved in a broader part of the business.

Contact our NYC Office:

Email: andrew.susman@empowermm.com

Address: The Commerce Building, 708 Third Avenue – Fifth Floor, New York, New York 10017

Phone: (212) 209-3999

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