Empower MediaMarketing Announces Six New Hires to Support Agency Growth

CINCINNATI, March 23, 2011- Empower MediaMarketing (www.empowermm.com) today announced six new hires to help support the agency’s business growth.

Joining Empower are:

Chris Eberle as consumer insights associate, from Rhodes College;

Claire Guappone as word-of-mouth strategist, from PR professional at Jackson Spalding;

Dwight Pirtle as digital search associate, from University of Cincinnati;

Ginger New as growth coordinator, from manager at Pine Tree Barn;

Kyla Starinieri as digital associate, from Associate Search Marketing Analyst at Bridge Worldwide;

Linda Burchett as client strategy director, from associate director of connection planning at Northlich.

About Empower MediaMarketing
Empower MediaMarketing specializes in communicating to and with its clients’ customers through an integrated combination of media. For more information, visit us at the Empower web site, or join the conversation at our blog, on Facebook or via Twitter.

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