Empower MediaMarketing Grows Programmatic Offering ClearTrade® with Additional TV Inventory

Collaboration with Savveo, Videa and WideOrbit accelerates access   

CINCINNATI (November 22, 2016) – Empower MediaMarketing, one of the nation’s largest independent media agencies, has strengthened its ClearTrade platform by integrating programmatic TV buying capabilities with new partners Videa and WideOrbit.

Videa, a leading programmatic TV platform that allows buyers and sellers to transact for local, forward-reserve broadcast inventory, and WideOrbit, a leading provider of advertising management software with direct access to broadcasters, will provide Empower access to inventory from their varying programmatic TV marketplaces. This access is facilitated by Savveo, which formed a strategic partnership with Empower in 2014 by integrating into the agency’s ClearTrade platform.

Delivering Better Results for Clients

“With Videa and WideOrbit integrated with ClearTrade, Empower continues to enable local TV to be truly automated and data driven,” Empower CEO Jim Price said. “We’re putting these pieces together in the programmatic TV space so our clients can be better marketers, better advertisers, and we can provide better them with ROI.”

Empower uses local market data to identify and purchase optimal local broadcast TV ad placements. Data-driven programmatic TV buying will enable clients to deliver better return on investment from television advertising than has previously been possible.

“This partnership with Empower will enable their clients to purchase full schedule inventory from our local TV station clients weeks and quarters in advance,” Videa President Shereta Williams said. “This is unprecedented access to TV inventory in an automated and data-driven sales channel.”

With programmatic TV spending expected to climb almost 130 percent to $710 million this year, Empower has selected partners that allow the agency to achieve feats never done before.

“We’re delighted to partner with Empower’s ClearTrade to open access to its clients to broadcast TV ad inventory from stations participating in our WO Programmatic TV marketplace,” Ian Ferreira, EVP Programmatic, WideOrbit said. “Empower clients will be able to use syndicated and proprietary data to target more than 86 percent of US TV households with ads on network affiliates.”

Programmatic TV Built on the Right Framework

Empower has been working with Savveo to build this platform since 2014 to be a leader in the evolving programmatic TV space. Empower transacts local TV inventory programmatically with its ClearTrade® TV platform, which has received accolades from clients as being a transparent solution.

A major point of difference in Empower’s work in the programmatic TV space is its system’s framework, which was developed specifically to address the requirements of linear TV purchasing. Empower delivers scale for its clients today with its programmatic TV capabilities and predicts programmatic TV will expand to include national buying in the near future.

Empower’s longstanding relationship with Savveo has strengthened the agency’s role in the space.

“Savveo’s data-driven platform brings the power of digital targeting to linear TV,” Savveo Co-Founder and CEO Shafi Mustafa said. “The partnerships we have formed and the pipes we have put in place will drive results for our clients.”


About Videa
Videa is the leading programmatic TV marketplace that is pioneering the way full schedule, local television advertising spots are bought and sold. Through its supply-side platform, Videa provides buyers with direct access to broadcast station advertising inventory, enabling advertisers, agencies and marketers to purchase media buys – within seconds and up to a year in advance. Videa can work with any traffic system or demand side buying platform, aligning with the unique needs of each TV station’s sales strategy. Videa works with CoxReps and broadcast station groups such as Graham Media Group, Gray, TEGNA, Raycom Media, Hearst Television, The E.W. Scripps Co., and of course Cox. Additionally, Videa serves as the supply partner for broadcast inventory that is available through Mediaocean and STRATA. Owned by Cox Media Group, Videa was founded in January 2014. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information about Videa, visit videa.tv.

About WideOrbit®
WideOrbit is the leading provider of advertising management technology for cable networks, local television stations and radio stations. More than 3,200 broadcasters and networks leverage WideOrbit solutions to streamline operations, maximize revenue from traditional, digital and programmatic channels and extend their business across distribution platforms. Our clients include Entercom Communications, Entravision Communications Corporation, Gray Television, Inc., Meredith Corporation, NBCUniversal, The E.W. Scripps Co. and Tribune Media. WideOrbit is headquartered in San Francisco with offices across the United States as well as London, Paris and Gothenburg, Sweden.

About Empower MediaMarketing
Empower MediaMarketing is an independent agency that specializes in media, digital marketing communications and word of mouth marketing. Headquartered in Cincinnati with satellite offices in Chicago and New York City, Empower leads its clients in delivering relevant messages to the right audiences. Find Empower on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and online.

Media Contact:
Chris Hoffman
Empower MediaMarketing
O: 513-719-6402 | M: 513-885-0910

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