Empower MediaMarketing Introduces Empower ChatterWatch(SM)


CINCINNATI, April 22, 2008—Empower MediaMarketing announced today that it has created a new proprietary tool to measure and analyze consumer-generated media on behalf of the agency’s clients. Called Empower ChatterWatchSM, the tool monitors influential blogs and relevant discussion forums to uncover valuable consumer insights that Empower uses to develop creative ways to reach its clients’ customers. 

Empower ChatterWatch was developed through the collaboration of Empower’s research and digital teams under the direction of Julie Pahutski, senior vice president.   

Pahutski said, “There are more than 100 million blogs in the U.S. with approximately 50,000 new ones created daily—rich resources we’ve been working with our clients to leverage since the early days of consumer-generated media.” 

To create Empower ChatterWatch, Pahutski said Empower’s digital team leveraged its experience in online word-of-mouth, search, display advertising and online strategic initiatives, while Empower’s research team applied its expertise in both online and offline consumer market research. 

“Empower ChatterWatch represents an evolutionary step that turns our knowledge and insights on consumer-generated media into a proprietary tool that delivers even more strategic advantage to our clients,” Pahutski said. “The mining of consumer insights through their own words provides advantages over traditional survey research since we are not dealing with response rates and respondent resistance.” 

In fact, Pahutski added, when ChatterWatch is used in combination with classic market research techniques, “we see a much clearer picture of consumer sentiment, which in turn leads to enhanced communication planning for our clients.”

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