Empower MediaMarketing Launches Independent Media Platform

Industry news site, Media Is Power, tracks the changing media landscape for marketers

Empower MediaMarketing has launched Media is Power. The independent media platform is operating as an industry news site. Its editorial mission is to guide c-level marketers, and their teams, through the tectonic shift taking place across the paid, owned and earned media landscape.

“Media Is Power will be in a constant state of iteration,” said David Germano, Empower MediaMarketing Vice President of Content Marketing. “The site is being optimized consistently based on analytics and other fast data sources. And as we evolve our point of view on content marketing best practices, we’ll be reflecting those changes in Media Is Power.”

Media is Power is using Empower’s proprietary process used to achieve sustainable content marketing programs. The process broadly focuses on four areas: plan, publish, promote and optimize.

“While the practice of content marketing is maturing quickly, it’s still being broadly defined – and in some cases, misdefined – by the industry,” said Jim Price, CEO of The Empower Group. “Brands are proving out the potential for content to drive business results and create a better connection between brands and consumers. We’re seeing the clearest path of success for brands when they consider content as part of their paid media mix.”

Content As The New Ad Unit

Consider that a brand’s media spend is usually its single largest marketing expenditure. This spend is used to rent audience attention through paid media campaigns. By shifting some of these non-working dollars into a content media strategy, paid media can be used to create and own media. The end result is a better long-term investment into a better connection with a brand’s consumers.

Content Marketing Best Practice

The site is designed to be a working best practice for Empower MediaMarketing’s content marketing division, Magnetic Content Studios. All content is guided by Media Is Power editor-in-chief, Kevin Dugan. Writers include the paid, owned and earned experts at Empower MediaMarketing — one of the largest independent media agencies in the nation.

Blogging since 2007, the editorial team leveraged five years of Empower’s blog content. Only articles taking a third-party point of view on topics related to media change were selected for use on Media Is Power’s platform. Media Is Power’s first official article was published on July 25, 2012.

About Media Is Power

Media Is Power is a media industry news site tracking the changing media landscape. It’s developed and managed by Empower MediaMarketing’s content marketing division – Magnetic Content Studios.

About Empower MediaMarketing

Empower MediaMarketing is one of the largest independently-held media agencies in the nation. We plan, buy and create media and we deliver proof our clients’ media investments are driving positive results. We can be found online at their web site as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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