Gorilla Glue Wins Over Super Bowl Advertiser Loctite

Ad Age compares Loctite's 2015 Super Bowl buy with Gorilla Glue's long-term media plan.

Ad Age’s Jack Neff declares that the glue category won in general due to Loctite’s 2015 Super Bowl spot, but the biggest winner was Gorilla Glue as their media plan was a higher spend over the course of last year.

Selected quotes from the article are below. Click here to read the article in full.

Loctite made a bold move last year, putting its entire $4.5 million TV budget and the vast majority of its paid media behind a single Super Bowl ad.

Loctite got a nice bounce after the Super Bowl, with sales up 8.6% for the four weeks ended Feb. 22 versus the prior-year period. But strangely, the ad seemed to give the whole category a nice bounce too, with sales up 6.5% overall. Even stranger, Gorilla Glue, with no Super Bowl ad, did far better than Loctite: Its sales rose nearly 45% during Super Bowl month, more than double its already robust prior growth rate.

Loctite’s Super Bowl ad scored 103.5 from Advertising Benchmark Index, which uses online consumer surveys to rate all ads on factors including likeability and purchase intent. That put Loctite above the 100 average for all ads, but below the 108.5 average for TV, and its purchase-intent score was a well-below-average 90.4. In comparison, most Gorilla Glue ads score above 120 with ABX, particularly on purchase intent; one showing a couple talking about fixing an Adirondack chair scored 230.

Loctite’s Super Bowl ad “was a charming ad and cute creative concept, but it didn’t really break through,” said Jeri Smith, CEO of Communicus, which tested last year’s Super Bowl ads with consumers. Loctite’s was recalled by only 13% of people after the game, Ms. Smith said, versus 43% ad recall for the average Super Bowl ad, and only 5% of people remembered what brand it was for.

It’s possible, she said, that “the commercial made a lot of people think about glue and how handy it is to have around” but “Gorilla has done such a good job … with its other communications that it was more sticky in people’s minds when they got to the point of sale.”

Empower couldn’t be more proud of our Gorilla Glue client and the great results their strategic media plan produced in 2015.

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