Jim Price Named to Empower Board of Directors

CINCINNATI, Jan. 22, 2008—Empower MediaMarketing announced today that Jim Price has been named to the privately held company’s board of directors. Price, who joined Empower in 2000, is the agency’s vice president of media innovation.

“Jim’s appointment to our board reflects his outstanding performance in developing and growing our digital marketing group,” said Bill Price, Empower’s chairman and chief executive officer. “He is immersed in the digital arena, has a passion for new ideas, and thinks like a consumer of the future. Jim will be an invaluable participant in the agency’s stewardship.”

In addition to Bill and Jim Price, Empower’s board includes Mary Beth Price, the agency’s founder who is now a consultant to the firm; Brian McHale, president/partner; Lynne Veil, executive vice president/chief operating officer; and Joe Lowry, chief financial officer.

During his tenure at Empower, Jim Price took a leave of absence in 2003-04 to serve as deputy director of the Bush-Cheney ’04 Maverick Program, which raised more than $13 million for the President’s re-election campaign. Price was responsible for coordinating 22 fundraisers in 19 cities.

An active member of the Cincinnati community, Price is co-founder and president of Cincinnati-Us Organization, a social group that serves the local community with a variety of initiatives. He is a board member of Starfire Council of Cincinnati, which helps individuals with disabilities to become active and vital members of the community, and he also serves as a Cincinnati Youth Collaborative mentor.

Price is a graduate of Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

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