popAD Earns Disruptive Media Fellowship from Empower MediaMarketing

Independent Media Agency’s Second-Annual Award Invests $10,000 in Local Technology Start-Up

popAD, one of 10 startups that make up the Brandery’s 2014 class, is the proud recipient of Empower MediaMarketing’s second-annual Disruptive Media Fellowship.

The local technology start-up is a user-generated ad platform where consumers can help create ads for brands. In addition to Empower’s $10,000 investment in popAD, the independent media agency will be mentoring the founding team and providing them assistance as their new company grows.

“We have a lot to learn about the media space to fulfill our vision and we’re taking full advantage of Empower’s guidance and expertise,” said John McClelland, co-founder. “To foster this collaboration, we are spending time at Empower’s offices every week.”

“Imagine a world in which photos you take with your phone and post to Instagram or Facebook could benefit you when used as brand messages,” said Empower MediaMarketing’s president and CEO, Jim Price. “We wanted to award this fellowship to a startup whose idea is most disruptive to the media landscape and popAD delivers on several levels. We’re eager to explore all of the digital implications of what popAD is building with our clients while providing mentorship and gaining a unique perspective from such a dynamic team.”

As a family-owned business that thrives on the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees to continue its own media innovation, Empower is heavily committed to giving back to Cincinnati. This investment builds on Empower’s support of the Brandery, a top 10 nationally ranked startup accelerator. In its fifth year of operation, Empower has been involved as an agency partner since the program began.

“The Brandery is a top-ranked program thanks to companies like Empower MediaMarketing,” said the Brandery’s general manager, Mike Bott. “The local agencies’ ongoing commitment to supporting the startup community continues to make Cincinnati an ideal place to launch and grow a business.

About popAD

popAD believes that in the age of social media, people’s own personal brand is comprised of the brands they admire and aspire to. The technology start-up creates trusted, data-driven ad products that are authentic and relevant to people–a future in which advertising will be indistinguishable from experience. popAD can be found online at Instagram.

About Empower MediaMarketing

Empower MediaMarketing is one of the largest independently-held media agencies in the nation. It plans, buys and creates media and delivers proof its clients’ media investments are driving positive results. Empower can be found online at its website, as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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