Product Brief: Brands Targeting Intelligently with GoLocal

Many advertisers treat a market as a homogenous whole, but this approach is far from accurate. Does everyone in your neighborhood listen to the same music? Do they drive the same kind of car?

If we can’t make those assumptions on a neighborhood level, chances are it would be terribly inaccurate and ineffective to generalize an entire community or city. GoLocal is a technology from Empower MediaMarketing that helps brands eliminate wasted impressions and improve media performance in local markets.

Hyperlocal Marketing

GoLocal is a proprietary combination of tools and processes that allow Empower to analyze individual markets on a micro level. Brands with multiple locations stand to benefit in a variety of ways from GoLocal.

  • Help Struggling Locations
  • Optimize Grand Openings
  • Impact a Handful of Stores
  • Respond to Competitors Outspending in a Market
  • Make the Most of Limited Distribution ”My distribution is limited in…”
  • Turn customer diversity across locations into an opportunity

Getting Real About Getting Local

Brands are using GoLocal in a variety of ways, including

  • Hyperlocal Marketing
  • Sub-Market Competitive Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • Sub-Market Customer Analysis

For case studies from brands using GoLocal, contact Empower MediaMarketing via our Contact Form.

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