Our Work

Our work is driven by consumer insights. If you respect and understand your consumers, chances are they’ll be open to learning more about you and your brand. Fueled by more streams of consumer data than ever, Empower not only understands consumers in more depth, we also follow their rapidly changing habits, needs and wants.

Consumers and brands are living in an Every Day world. That means marketers cannot settle for a static marketing plan — no matter how smart it is. We help our clients build solid media plans based on clear consumer understanding. And most importantly, we build these plans to be flexible and agile enough to capitalize on this fast-paced, Every Day world.

Here are just a handful of stories where we’ve helped our clients meet Every Day challenges and prove the impact of their single largest marketing expenditure.

Multi-Channel, Long-Form Storytelling Attracts Tourism

Famous Footwear Rocks the Nation to Increases Sales

Meijer Case StudyDigital Out of Home Gets Local

LasikPlus Case Study

Eye-Opening Results For LasikPlus

U.S. Bank Case Study

Turning an NBC Sports Sponsorship Into a Cross-Platform Integration

totesISOTONER Case Study

Smart Concept & Media Spend Help Product Launch Exceed Sales Goals


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