Humana Case Study

Humana, an Insurance Company, Multiplies Their Fan Base 10 Times Over in Only Three Months

Empower’s success in communicating “to” and “with” consumers has helped Humana create a more substantial relationship with its customers. Through Empower’s strategic approach to social media, the insurance company now engages with its customers on Facebook and sees them as brand participants, not as a target audience. This stems from establishing Humana’s Social Brand™ and results in healthier consumers, which means a reduced payout for Humana across a cost-efficient, social platform. Results include:

  • Multiplying fan base by more than 10 times in only three months
  • Increasing total interactions by 900%
  • Establishing Humana as a trusted, go-to resource on Facebook for walking and fitness
  • Building a community of enthusiastic brand participants that are Humana advocates.
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By implementing Empower’s Social Brand process, Humana was able to do more than create a Facebook page. The process allowed Humana to strategically reinforce its brand while fully tapping into the benefits of engagement platforms like Facebook.


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