LasikPlus Case Study

LasikPlus Proves Effectiveness of Digital Media Spend


Every Day Challenge

LasikPlus, a leading provider of laser vision correction services, uses data to drive many of its business decisions — especially marketing-related decisions.

As the above video summarizes, Empower MediaMarketing knew LasikPlus needed to shift additional dollars to digital advertising, but the brand team needed to prove to upper management that the switch would drive more appointment volume for the marketing spend.


Insight-Driven Solution

Working with technology partner Adometry, Empower and LasikPlus used attribution modeling to map prospective patients’ journeys across the digital landscape. This precise method delivered the evidence management needed. It allowed the team to pinpoint which digital media channels were responsible for the most conversions, build consensus among client team members and more effectively optimize the media.


Proof Positive

The data gathered proved the effectiveness of multiple digital channels.

For the first time, display media was given its due in terms of converting LasikPlus prospects to patients. This data-driven approach allowed us to create smarter campaigns using the right mix of digital media, and we made better-informed optimizations to keep the momentum going.  

According to Bharat Kakar, vice president of marketing and operations at LasikPlus,
“Empower MediaMarketing quickly determined which mediums were delivering and which ones were not – this was critical to delivering LasikPlus business results.”


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