Brands Get More Specific About Content Marketing

A scan of recent news provides further signs content marketing has gone from a popular buzzword to become a mainstream practice. As you’ll see below, the focus has shifted from general overviews designed to define content marketing to outlining specific strategies and tactics marketers are using to achieve success.

Miracle-Gro Wants More People to Try Their Hand at Gardening | The New York Times: A look behind Miracle-Gro’s content marketing platform, Gro Something Greater, shows how the lawn and garden care brand is using content to connect its customer’s passions to gardening.

To Be Clear: Do Not Build Your Brand House on Land You Don’t Own | John Battelle’s Searchblog: Federated Media’s founder warns that building your brand on social platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn isn’t a good, long-term strategy. This is increasingly true as these platforms decrease a brand’s earned visibility while increasing the cost of a paid presence.

4 Big Misconceptions About Content Marketing | The four misconceptions described in this article boil down to one overarching point: Content marketing programs must be strategic and sustained in order to be successful.

The 5 Phases of Content Marketing Maturity | Forbes: Successful content marketers progress through five stages of maturity — starting as chatty, self-absorbed toddlers and ending as wise, respected elders. This article describes each phase and how brands can make the journey themselves.

As brands move past talking about what content marketing is, establishing how to do content marketing well is a much more substantive and rapidly evolving industry discussion.

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Melissa Booth
Melissa Booth

I believe good content either informs or entertains. Great content does both. As Managing Editor for Media is Power and Empower MediaMarketing, I strive to make sure everything here hits that sweet spot as closely as possible. I've spent a decade-plus in the marketing industry and like to think I've developed a taste for content of all types -- good, great and otherwise.