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Your consumer is no longer the member of a target audience. She’s a brand participant. She has more control over her media and the brands she purchases and she craves even more control to manage her time-starved life: from how she gets her news, chooses entertainment, manages information and participates with a brand online and offline.

This is why our approach is “consumer-centric” in focus, rather than “media-centric.” Data-driven insights around the consumer are the foundation of our efforts. Then Empower plans, buys and creates media for its clients as needed, tapping services including Programmatic Buying,  Search Marketing and Content Marketing.

This allows us to deliver the most effective media and marketing strategies possible; each one tailored to your consumer and revealing the exact impact moment to connect with her. This consumer focus drives us and is a common thread throughout each of our services.

Beyond Demographics
Furthering the Interaction of Consumers, Media & Brands
Innovative & Flexible Plans That Capitalize On The Changing Media Landscape
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