Decision Sciences

Empower’s Decision Science team of data and analytics professionals develop, analyze and interpret data from multiple sources. Using its proven processes and proprietary tools, it creates custom solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.

Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Combining qualitative and quantitative methods, our team uncovers insights about your consumer, your media and your data.

Our Decision Sciences capabilities include:

  • Market impact modeling
  • Website and advertising analytics
  • Media effectiveness dashboards
  • Media ROI / effectiveness
  • Consumer insights
  • Hyperlocal market targeting analysis
  • Direct response reporting and media optimization
  • Competitive analysis

Consumer Understanding
A brand’s relationship with a consumer is anything but linear. It can’t be tracked using a traditional sales funnel. We bring clients a better understanding of their consumer to deliver real results. Our team maps how consumers participate with our clients’ brands. This allows us to track consumers’ constantly evolving behaviors, motivations and purchase decisions.

Real Results
We have the analytics expertise and tools to manage data and provide real-time insights that impact online and offline business decisions, as well as the dashboards to roll up business results and key performance indicators. Because of this, we can serve as your proactive business partner. We are seen as experts on our clients’ businesses and challenges, serving as the go-to people when there are questions.


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