Search Marketing

Our Search Marketing team elevates our clients’ brands online with an offering that spans paid, organic, social, e-commerce, mobile and local search. And while each capability below is unique, they must work together to achieve a brand’s search engine marketing (SEM) goals.

Whether we’re mining web analytics for insights, optimizing keywords or conducting a conversion/path analysis, we have a proven, six-step process to implement, measure, and optimize every client’s search strategy.

Deep Expertise in a Fast-Changing Field
To ensure we’re always considering the latest, Empower’s search marketing team has access to the latest industry research and search management tools as well as partnerships with search solution providers and technology vendors. The team is also certified by SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization and Google AdWords.

Industry-Acknowledged Excellence
Our search team’s comprehensive offering, proven processes and consistent client results have been recognized by industry leaders, including Google.

“The Empower team plays a critical role in providing an enhanced online experience for their clients’ customers. It is a pleasure to work with Empower and I expect continued success for them.”
- Google, Agency Lead

We apply all of these resources and expertise across campaign development, execution and management of our various services.

Paid Search: Our ever-evolving paid search methodology is backed by years of expertise helping our clients get the most from their paid search investment – optimizing as needed throughout each campaign. We understand the value of paid search and our investment for a diverse portfolio of clients shows it. For Google alone, Empower’s level of paid search investment outpaces its industry peers by an average of 20 percent.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): To create sustainable organic search results, Empower focuses on the long-term. We consider multiple touch points – from on-page optimizations, and in-depth algorithmic research to content strategy and development – to ensure SEO campaigns change as needed to help brands reach their search goals.

Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs): Managing CSE’s can become overwhelming when a brand’s product catalogs contain tens of thousands of SKUs or more. Empower manages CSE campaigns of all sizes and at various stages – from initial data cleanup and the uploading of feeds, to the engine and product mix selection process, all the way through to ongoing strategy and optimization.

Mobile Search: The rapid consumer adoption of mobile technology makes this a critical element of search marketing that some brands don’t consider separately. From campaign structure, targeting, keyword selection, ad copy optimizations and beta testing, Empower’s understanding of mobile search nuances allows us to make sure our clients’ brands are found — regardless of where the consumer searches.

Local Search & Listings: When using SEM to help national brands establish a local presence; Empower knows “one size does not fit all.” In fact, it usually fits no one at all. We use local search and listings to drive messages, offers and keywords customized by each user’s location to increase effectiveness and minimize wasted impressions, clicks and spend.

Our success is built on the results of our clients’ SEM campaigns. Let us apply our approach to search marketing and help achieve your business goals. Click here to contact us.

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