Strategic Marketing Communications

Whether a brand is preparing for launch, is already in market, or is in need of an overhaul — Empower’s range of Strategic Marketing Communications services can assist brands and deliver results.

Strategy, Planning & Optimization
Our Strategic Marketing Communications capabilities include:

  • Media Strategy: Strong brands are built by digging deeper than traditional personas to understand the consumer’s mindset. This level of insight links consumers’ consumption of media with their consumption of brands to ensure effective communication of the brand promise.
  • Marketing Strategy: A brand needs stewardship through every marketing plan, strategy and tactic to ensure it doesn’t lose its way. Empower MediaMarketing makes sure the brand’s connection with the consumer is not lost in the details.
  • Channel Planning & Optimization: Our focus on performance media ensures that what is often our clients’ single biggest marketing expenditure is constantly working its hardest — regardless of whether it’s online, mobile, social or offline media.

People, Positioning Platforms
Since data is the fuel for winning, we also tap into a mix of fast and slow data to help brands with elements of their people, positioning and platforms.

  • People: target mindset development, audience segmentation
  • Positioning: brand positioning, consumer value proposition development and testing
  • Platforms: campaign strategy, brand identity design

Our deep understanding of the interaction between consumers, media and brands is the result of over a quarter century leading marketing efforts for some of America’s most vital brands.


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