Crafty Curation: How Audience Data Shifted Gorilla Glue’s Editorial Approach from Creation to Curation

Expert, novice, dabbler, DIYer — all terms used to describe audience segments within the vast digital community of crafters, builders and woodworkers. These creative, passionate consumers fuel their zeal for making and repairing with relevant and helpful content from an endless amount of online sources.

In fact, eMarketer notes more than 70 percent of home improvement-focused consumers go on the Web “for information or help in starting a project.” And there is an almost overwhelming amount of relevant content available as a result. This leaves little white space for a brand to create content that differentiates it and engages its audience.

Audience Data Turns Challenge Into Opportunity

Gorilla Glue, a leading manufacturer of adhesive products, knew a content marketing program would benefit the brand. However, it was also overwhelmed by the concept of starting from scratch without many resources to allocate to a content marketing program. The lack of white space in the conversation made the concept appear even more challenging.

With the help of Empower MediaMarketing’s digital marketing communications practice, the brand delved into audience data from search and social media, as well as its customer service team. This uncovered some interesting behavior that informed Gorilla Glue’s decision to shift from content creation to content curation.

Connecting the Novice & the Expert

Gorilla Glue and Empower MediaMarketing developed a curation strategy to address two different audience segments with a single approach.

Audience data from search and social media helped identify:

  • Who was talking (segmenting the audience into novices and experts);
  • What they were talking about (organizing topics into a taxonomy);
  • How the topics were being discussed (determining sentiment and story form);
  • When and where they were talking.

It became clear that experts were consistently and confidently providing help and advice to novices. This insight, plus a lack of white space and brand resources, inspired an 80/20 editorial mix consisting of 80 percent curated content and 20 percent created content. The curated content’s main purpose is to connect the novice to the expert.

PublishThis Platform Ensures a Smooth Process

Curated content is generated using PublishThis to ensure an efficient and effective process. The PublishThis platform helps Gorilla Glue and Empower monitor, curate, create and publish content on the Inspiration section of the Gorilla Glue website. The platform pulls brand-relevant crafting, woodworking and DIY content into the tool to be easily organized, annotated and personalized to fit the brand’s voice and narrative.

This scalable approach helps connect audiences, increases brand awareness and allows Gorilla Glue to become a leading source of valuable content. Because data helped the brand and agency determine a more focused approach to the desired content, they found a way to make sure no effort — created or curated — was wasted.

Early Results Speak to Success

Empower MediaMarketing launched a content discovery campaign for Gorilla Glue on March 1, 2015. It has accounted for 14 percent of the total website traffic during the reporting period (from the launch of the discovery campaign to April 25, 2015), and it has produced notable results.

  • Total Traffic: 19,063
  • Cost Per Click: $0.16
  • Cost Per Page View: $0.26

This data is being used to optimize the next round of inspirational content and to help measure the effectiveness of the brand’s content marketing program. In the meantime, Gorilla Glue’s concerns about being overwhelmed by content creation have been alleviated.

Empower continues to right-size Gorilla Glue’s effort to make sure it not only meets its challenges, but business goals as well, especially as it gears up to release its second round of content later this quarter.


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