2013 Marketing Strategies Tap Into a Mobile, Multiscreen World

The definition of online has morphed to reflect our always on, multiscreen world. As a result, marketers, agencies and their partners must reconsider how consumers interact online.

2013 plans must help brands reach consumers seamlessly, on their terms, regardless of channel or device.

Motivating Stats
While the last few years have been referred to as “the year of mobile,” consumers have already made a shift to multiscreen browsing, leaving many advertisers racing to allocate budgets and ensure the opportunity isn’t missed. Consider the following statistics.

  •  Ninety percent of all media interactions are screen based.
  • Almost four-and-a-half hours of leisure time are spent in front of screens every day.
  • Thirty-eight of our daily media interactions occur on a smartphone.
  • Eighty-nine percent more smartphone data is used each month than a year ago.

Four Devices for 2013 Success
It is not hard to think of examples where members of  your target market are watching TV and browsing the Internet on their iPhones or iPads. With your audience’s attention diverted from the TV reaching them consistently at the Zero Moment of Truth will require engaging them across screen sizes and devices.

It is no longer acceptable to just have a website. It’s critical to think about how a single message might be realized consistently across smartphones, tablets, PCs/laptops and TVs while also tapping into the advantages each platform provides marketers.

2013 Strategy Tips

  1. Simply testing browsers is no longer good enough. Website performance must be tested across various screens sizes and devices. Responsive Web design is a great way to optimize a single design for multiple uses.
  2. Find ways to help users easily navigate and continue shopping experiences between devices. Consider mobile a link between the online and offline experiences.
  3. Investing more advertising dollars into mobile display and mobile search campaigns not only because of the growing popularity of these devices, but because the cost per thousand and cost per click are so much cheaper (often 50-75 percent lower).
  4. Move away from last-click conversion tracking, and instead invest in attribution modeling to better understand how your customer’s interact with online marketing channels.

It’s a fast-paced world, and the rise of multiscreen browsing isn’t on its way — it’s here and now.

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Dave Werner
Dave Werner