Is Your Content Nutritious or Junk Food?

Listening to Outbrain present at Connect12, an invite-only event from Empower MediaMarketing, Jon Tauber, made the following point:

“You can game the system and ask people ‘what’s everyone doing this Friday?’ It’s shameless, and we even did this in the past. But that’s not good content. Likes can’t build your business. Good content can.”

A video of Jon’s entire presentation is below.

Connect12-Outbrain from Empower MediaMarketing on Vimeo.

Is Your Content Nutritious, or Is It Junk Food?
As brands establish their content marketing programs, it’s easy to model what other brands are doing to create engagement. It’s a common practice to determine best practices in most any area of business. But the problem with doing this on social media is that another brand’s approach doesn’t take your audience into consideration.

It’s perfectly OK to ask fans to like a Rock the Vote image on Facebook if they think democracy is a good thing. But it’s not good content in that it probably has nothing to do with your brand. Over the long term, if your brand only serves up “junk food” content you won’t build true engagement with your audience.

A Balanced Diet
Theres content thats good for your audience and your brand, and theres junk food content. By keeping the focus on good content, its perfectly fine to indulge in junk food from time to time.

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Kevin Dugan
Kevin Dugan

My content creation habits were formed as a kid -- filling notebooks with writing and taking stacks of pictures. These habits have evolved through my 20 years in marketing, as I’ve been immersed in all forms of content, social media and online technology. As Editor-In-Chief of Media is Power, I guide editorial strategy and ensure your needs are met. This is one way I help tell Empower’s story as the director of content.