IT and Marketing Need To Reframe Relationship

Digital marketing activities have always been championed for their ability to provide data at every term to validate investment. The same is said about the nimbleness of deploying these tactics. There is only one problem: The infrastructure choices made by organizations (typically with no marketing input) are hindering brands and their business partners from executing on the promise quick execution and measurement.

Remove Technology Infrastructure Handcuffs

Marketing leaders need to get up close and personal with IT leaders within your organization. My experience has shaped my belief that very few marketing organizations have strong enough relationships with technology leaders and teams within their company. Many take on the exact definition of fiefdom, for both groups they become the story of legend. Much like Robert Herbold describes in The Fiefdom Syndrome, the inability for groups to work together means that not only does your team (marketing or IT) lose but in the case of a public company, shareholders are the ones left holding the bag.

As an agency veteran, I find that many times these issues can be resolved if you simply reframe the conversation.

3 Initial Steps to Reframe the Marketing and IT Relationship

1. Marketers should get IT team members involved from day one. Have a new initiative? Invite them to the kickoff, include them in pre-planning activities.

2. Embrace the smarts IT bring to the table. IT folks are creative in their own way.

3. Explore splitting staff (full-time employees) with your IT department. It will give you more dedicated support and make steps 1 and 2 a lot easier

Let me know if you have additional thoughts on creating a successful partnership with marketing and information technology groups within your organization.


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Mitch Dunn
Mitch Dunn

As the SVP of Integrated Strategy at Empower, Mitch ensures that consumer insights are at the heart of every decision Empower makes on behalf of our clients.