LIVESTRONG Foundation: Annual Report.

As the LIVESTRONG Foundation was facing a major PR crisis, it was looking for a way to share how it was staying true to its mission of helping cancer patients every day. Its annual report would be one of its first steps forward after the crisis. Enter Empower MediaMarketing and our design partner BLDG.

Strategically, we advised LIVESTRONG to get back to telling the authentic stories of the cancer patients and the foundation’s employees. And the authenticity didn’t end there. The design for this annual report was led by our friend, Mike Amann, who was in the midst of battling cancer himself. His story was included on the final page.

The cover of each book was screenprinted as a piece of art, with each of the five layers of ink representing the layered experience of a cancer patient’s journey. Over 700 books were sent to major donors and the foundation’s board of directors.

In addition, we created a responsive website to translate the visual approach to digital. The perfect companion to the printed book. The graphics were then extended into other uses, including the background for CEO Doug Ulman’s Twitter profile.

The story of the annual report design generated millions of impressions and widespread honors in the design and advertising industry.