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Cincinnati Biz Courier Cover Story: Cincinnati’s Largest Ad Agency, Enters New Phase of Growth
Hot off a pandemic year that saw double-digit revenue and staff growth, Empower, the city’s largest advertising agency, has passed the proverbial test.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” “fails occasionally, learns continuously” and “dust yourself off” are common in Jim Price’s lexicon.

Spend any time with Price, and it becomes clear how those quotes have played a fundamental role in his guiding of Empower, the Cincinnati-based agency, into its next, and arguably most exciting, phase.

In 2021, Empower celebrated double-digit staff and revenue growth while adding to its client roster. It took home 38 awards and recognitions, including nods from some of the nation’s largest industry players. Each honor is now etched on stairs that connect the four floors of Empower’s swanky Over-the-Rhine office. Since 2020, the agency has also ranked as Cincinnati’s largest advertising and marketing firm.

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