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Data Engineer
Cincinnati, OH
Updated 2022-10-28

Empower is hiring an experienced Data Engineer with a passion for learning and proficiency implementing and maintaining simple and performant databases and pipelines.  The role would include providing guidance and working in tandem with the product development team to build out local and connected applications using on-premise and cloud systems.  The data engineer will be tasked with facilitating reporting and data management / communication across multiple systems and maintaining those connections as technical requirements change.

This position serves as the internal technical support resource for data management and integration within Empower.  The candidate would be a member of the product development team, but additionally work directly with teams across the agency including account, finance, and planning. 

Over time, the candidate will be expected to facilitate broader data access across the agency.  The objective is a convenient and efficient framework allowing ML-engineers, Data Scientists and other internal clients to query, pull, and visualize data according to their needs.


  • Manage, document, and troubleshoot SQL data extracts, scheduled jobs, API integrations, and views
  • Work closely with client teams and subject matter experts to strategize on data driven business process improvements.
  • Assist in transitioning Excel based reporting to automated and standardized solutions
  • Provide input and recommendations on new potential data management solutions based on research and analysis. 
  • Cross-train team members on new and existing processes and best practices
  • Manage and maintain the hardware / software of redundant storage pools, using ZFS
  • Assist with special projects and initiatives. Plans and executes on major milestones
  • Assist with dashboarding projects, specifically data connections but also business requirements and setup
  • Support the data visualization team


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, statistics, or other quantitative field or relevant experience
  • Familiarity with interpreted / scripting languages like python, JavaScript, R, java, etc.
  • Experience building integrations with end user tools and database and data management platforms
  • Experience with automation and scheduled data transformations using command line tools
  • Knowledge of several Data Management practices and architectures, such as Data Modelling, Data Warehousing, Data Lake, Data Hub, etc.
  • Proficiency with SQL including complex queries and performance focused data organization
  • Experience with data visualization tools, specifically PowerBI is a plus
  • Experience with Azure and Snowflake is a plus

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