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Programmatic Buying Associate
Chicago, IL
Updated 2021-04-22

The Programmatic Buying Associate uses cutting edge technology, data integrations, and an organized, methodical approach to help bring automated advertising campaigns to life. Working as part of the ClearTrade® programmatic buying solution at Empower, the Associate is responsible for supporting the execution, optimization, and reporting of client ad campaigns. The Programmatic Buying Associate embraces change, enjoys coming up with hypotheses and testing them out, has an innate comfort in mathematics, and is an avid learner, able to quickly pick up new concepts, tools, and technologies. The Associate works with Programmatic Buying Specialists and generally supports the Online Media Practice.


• Assisting Programmatic Buying Specialists in the campaign planning process

• Working in the technology platform to build and launch approved campaigns

• Diligently organizing and tracking tactics deployed, relying on hypothesis testing and statistical analysis to understand when those hypotheses are proven or disproven

• Regularly monitoring and reporting on campaigns

• Participating in internal team meetings on key topics or with important media/technology partners

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

• Self motivated, entrepreneurial

• Extremely organized, adept note taker

• Strong work ethic, able to demonstrate appropriate urgency

• Ability to maintain a positive, calm attitude in a sometimes-challenging and often fast-paced working environment

• Proven ability to think through testing objectives, develop tests, track performance, and understand when enough data has been collected to make a determination


• Bachelor’s degree or higher; preference given to Marketing Research, Statistics, Business Analytics, or similar educational backgrounds

• Experience in Digital Marketing if preferred

• Experience in a professional office setting

• Experience working with numbers and generating reports

• Proficient with Microsoft Office, particularly Excel

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