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Media Associate
Cincinnati, OH
Updated 2021-05-19

The Media Associate is fascinated by the video and audio ecosystem. They approach their work with enthusiasm and a desire to help their team and to grow professionally. The Media Associate will learn the terminology, tools, and partnerships to leverage in order to create successful national and local media placements across a variety of clients. Media Associates support Media Buying Specialists across a range of activities from writing requests for proposals, checking plan submissions to buy maintenance. They have an understanding of media buying, and campaign stewardship across various media channels.

The Role

The Media Associate is responsible for understanding the National & Local Audio and Video landscape and Empower’s capabilities. This individual develops knowledge by shadowing peers, attending Empower knowledge sharing/training sessions, reading trades/blogs, attending webinars and engaging with the medium. In this role the candidate will begin to cultivate relationships with internal teams, practices and appropriate media partners. The right candidate enjoys the art of putting disparate pieces together to create a masterpiece, in this case, a media buy and the aptitude to work with numbers.

Media Management

  • Building an understanding of a brand’s customers and competitor
  • Assist in developing costs and consideration sets for advertising opportunities
  • Assist in writing request for proposal (RFP) and overseeing the RFP process
  • Working with Media Specialists in overseeing the execution of approved advertising campaigns; including flawless budgeting, and billing
  • Stewarding media campaigns, including running pre-post and final post analysis reports
  • Attending practice and agency knowledge sharing sessions attentively by asking questions, taking notes and applying learning with the goal of growing a knowledge base.

Skills, Specialized Knowledge & Abilities

  • In-depth knowledge of office software such as e-mail, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Experience with media buying tools such as Hudson MX, Mediaocean, Prisma, PVX a bonus
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Highly enthusiastic, passionate, curious, confident and tenacious in learning.

Education & Experience

  • 0-2 years’ relevant industry work experience
  • Associates Degree

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