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Marketing Research Director
Atlanta, GA
Updated 2021-06-02


Empower is currently looking for Marketing Research Director. The Director’s primary responsibility will be to measure and analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns against business goals, campaign metrics and ROI. This includes leading the research design, the analysis of data and its translation into actionable recommendations. The right candidate must be very hands on to lead the research from beginning to end, coupled with the ability to analyze data and make recommendations for how to improve the marketing plan based on his/her analysis. A key element of success in this position includes the ability to determine not only what can be reported but also the ability to determine what is the most important data to report. The Director will evaluate vendor research and media effectiveness research methodologies with a critical eye. This position is client-facing and therefore, the ability to easily explain methodologies, complex data and conclusions will be paramount.

Qualifications Required

  • Bachelor’s degree and/or Master’s degree in related field (marketing, statistics, business administration)
  • A minimum of 8 years of custom Marketing Research in advertising/media experience at this level
  • Demonstrated experience measuring and analyzing ongoing marketing campaigns, website effectiveness, email campaigns and other online marketing efforts via dashboards and other reports. Experience integrating these findings with digital marketing metrics to provide a holistic evaluation of campaigns
  • Demonstrated understanding of campaign performance metrics, as well as audience and brand measurement
  • Academic and practical experience with a wide array of new product, brand, advertising and customer satisfaction research methodologies
  • Ability to articulate experience working with research partners to facilitate campaign effectiveness measurement and other market research studies
  • Exceptional written and oral communication abilities
  • Strong analytical skills with experience in statistical analysis
  • Solid understanding of traditional marketing principles


  • Formal training in questionnaire development and quantitative analysis
  • Use of survey software tools such as Qualtrics
  • Analytical experience tying marketing efforts to business results
  • Experience with research companies such as MRI, Simmons, Scarborough, Nielsen, Kantar, and comScore
  • Experience with qualitative research methodologies such as focus groups, online research communities and bulletin boards

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