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EmpowerU - Rotation Program
Chicago, IL
Updated 2021-07-13

Empower is ready to train, develop, and inspire the next generation of Digital Media professionals! EmpowerU is a rotational program for young professionals, designed to provide participants with exposure to a wide range of experiences, ongoing mentorship, and targeted training within the fast-paced world of advertising.


After a holistic rotation through 3 of our investment practices, including: digital media, programmatic, search, and social, team members will graduate from the program and be placed within the organization based on their interest, business need, and performance. Throughout each rotation, Associates will have the opportunity to make real contributions to the business while also participating in training and development activities such as live and virtual classroom training, self-study, and developmental project work. 

Associates will work with managers and advisors during their practice rotations to gain a deeper knowledge of each function, the day-to-day operations and interdependencies with other parts of the business. Associates will also work with an assigned HR rotational manager that will serve as the liaison of the entire rotation while providing feedback, coaching, and collaborating on a personal development plan. 

Read on to learn more about the day-to-day responsibilities of various practices you would have the opportunity to partner with.  

Qualifications, Education & Experience 

  • Experience in Digital Marketing is a plus 
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office, particularly Excel  
  • Strong analytical orientation and ability to find insight in the numbers  
  • Self-motivated, entrepreneurial 
  • Demonstrates the ability to organize and prioritize work; effectively manage change and competing priorities 
  • Ability to maintain a positive, calm attitude in a sometimes-challenging and often fast-paced working environment 


  • Assist the social media team in developing plans, campaign set-up, optimization, and reporting within Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat 
  • Develop and present rationale for plan recommendations, optimizations, and performance insights 
  • Manage paid social media budget, pacing and monthly billing reconciliation 
  • Oversee and manage paid social workflow, including managing content calendars and updating plans as needed 
  • Analyze the performance of campaigns, identifying strategic opportunities, facilitating change in order to exceed client expectation 
  • Manage relationships with vendors and other partners on behalf of the client 


  • Assisting Specialists with generating keyword builds and writing ad copy  
  • Supporting Specialists with campaign budget management and pacing 
  • Providing Q&A for campaign setup, creative rotations, performance tracking, and targeting pre- and post-launch ensuring flawless execution 
  • Managing weekly and monthly reporting pulls and measurement tracking 
  • Assisting Specialists with identifying opportunities for improvement and recommending optimizations 
  • Compiling research and providing search insights, which may include evaluating competitive data, promotional opportunities, and emerging opportunities 


  • Assisting Programmatic Buying Specialists in the campaign planning process 
  • Working in the technology platform to build and launch approved campaigns 
  • Diligently organizing and tracking tactics deployed, relying on hypothesis testing and statistical analysis to understand when those hypotheses are proven or disproven 
  • Regularly monitoring and reporting on campaigns 
  • Participating in internal team meetings on key topics or with important media/technology partners 

Digital Media 

  • Work from Campaign Briefs to help develop digital plan recommendations, including: 

             Develops an understanding of the product/service being promoted within the brief 

             Generates paid search campaigns including keyword builds, ad copy development,                  and ad copy 

             Develops consideration sets for advertising opportunities 

             Works with media partners and oversees the Request for Proposal process 

              Investigating potential audiences & contextual fits 

  • Works closely with the Data Management Team to research and select 1st, 2nd or 3rd party audiences for use 
  • Works closely with Senior Specialists recommending search engines, partners and platforms to use based on KPIs 
  • Flawlessly setup and activate approved campaigns in technology platforms such as Google AdWords, Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) 
  • Assist in pulling reports that help illuminate optimization/performance highlights or develop a better understanding of keywords, audiences/environments that drive performance 

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