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Senior Copywriter
Cincinnati, OH
Updated 2021-09-03

Copywriter is the title, but not quite the right term for what we need. The actual skill is ideas. Ideas that connect people to brands. If you love ideas, and you love talking/writing about them, it’s time to join the only Ad-Age A-list standout in Cincinnati.

 The Job:

  • Help concept and execute creative solutions for advertising communications for clients.
  • The executions could appear in multiple media channels including (but not limited to) Web, Social, Print, Outdoor, Video, etc.
  • You will need to be articulate and inspiring with the English language, be able to convey ideas with concise clarity, wit and emotion, write consumer-facing copy for advertising communications across all media channels.  
  • Help with proofing as needed.
  • 5-10 years experience 


In your application you must provide a portfolio or blog link that showcases your writing. If you don’t have one, please submit a brief piece of writing on why you’d make a great candidate.

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