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Freelance Designer
Cincinnati, OH
Updated 2021-10-28

We are constantly looking to add incredible freelance talent to our roster! If you're a freelance designer and interested in working with us in the future, drop us a line by applying to this role!


Designer is the title, but not quite the right term for what we need. The actual skill is ideas. Ideas that connect people to brands. If you love ideas, and you love to design inspiring work to communicate them, it’s time to join the only Ad-Age A-list standout in Cincinnati.

The job:

· Help concept and execute creative solutions for advertising communications for clients.

· The executions could appear in multiple media channels including (but not limited to) Web, Social, Print, Outdoor, Video, etc.

· You would need to be able to professionally use the Adobe Creative Suite to create designs and layouts that bring your ideas and those of your teammates to life. 

· Complimentary skills would be PowerPoint, photography, video, or editing skills. A working knowledge of this is not required, but it does help.

· We are interested in all levels of experience.

In your application you must provide a portfolio link for evaluation. 

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