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Block of the Week
Skyline Teams up with UC Football and Scores with Social Media Fans

With the announcement of college athletes being able to receive financial compensation through promotions using their name, image and likeness (NIL), Empower saw an opportunity to bring together two of Cincinnati’s greatest loves – chili and football.

Empower and Skyline Chili helped the University of Cincinnati Football Team’s Offensive Line bestow glory on its own. For six consecutive games, we gave out a big block of Skyline Chili’s famous cheddar cheese to recognize the Big Block of the Week. Whether shredding the defense or helping the team devour the secondary, the outstanding O-line deserved a spotlight.

Even ESPN’s College Game Day segment took notice.

The Skyline Block of the Week social video campaign scored high with fans garnering 160K organic views and paved the way for UC’s Offensive Line to earn even more cheddar.