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The Performance Brand Test
Run it Right

It’s not unusual to think of the sales funnel as a race to the finish line and, when working with Brooks Running, the thought fits perfectly, like a pair of their shoes. Heading into the December 2019 holiday sales season, it’s also why we analyzed their paid social audiences like running groups.

Traditionally, Brooks identified various prospecting audiences in the social space and ushered them through the sales funnel to the finish line. We had a hypothesis that some upper funnel groups were in the wrong race. We thought they’d function far more efficiently in the middle and lower levels of the marketing funnel. In other words, they were running marathons when they could’ve been doing 5ks—or even wind sprints—all along.

Brooks Case Study

The test proved our hypothesis correct… resulting in:

19-point lift in ad recall
3.4-point lift in brand awareness
7.5-point lift in purchase intent
10.2-point lift in notable conversions – earning Brooks incremental revenue

We were able to shift audiences to their best-suited starting lines and the campaigns worked more efficiently than ever. All in all, it was a runaway success.