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You Versa Dirt
Dremel - You Versa Dirt

Empower launched three national TV commercial spots for client Dremel, the leader in rotary tool systems and subsidiary of the Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. The 15-second and two six-second spots take a humorous approach to even the tidiest of homeowner’s most dreaded cleaning struggles.

We garnered insights from social listening that revealed the mentality and attitude of “Cleaning Maximizers.”

Cleaning Maximizers are obsessed with cleaning, technology and a DIY mindset. The Creative centered around the opportunity to let clean freaks in on a big secret – there’s now a silver bullet for their spot cleaning needs.

Data revealed that couples working together make spot cleaning easier and more enjoyable. Furthermore, when a couple finds the right cleaning solution there’s no more fighting over who’s doing what in the chore routine.

With this knowledge, Empower and Dremel successfully launched the Versa to surpass goals well before benchmark dates, selling $1.5M and over 30,000 units. Additionally, Empower’s paid influencer campaign earned 2.4M impressions across 10 blog articles and 68 social media posts, while surprise and delight efforts earned an additional 1.4M impressions on Instagram alone. 

Even clean freaks don’t want to be bogged down with endless hours of scrubbing, wiping and mopping. Our work inspired them to tackle the toughest household grime with one clean machine.

You Versa Dirt