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Hamilton County
Get Your Cincy On
Get Your Cincy on Campaign Reminds People to Play it Safe, but Still Play

Empower was tapped to motivate people to open their hearts and wallets despite the constant ping pong of stay-at-home orders and mask mandates. Leading Creative, Media and Influencer, Empower developed a multi-media campaign called Get Your Cincy On.

We enlisted the help of local influencers and business owners like Mixologist Molly Wellmann, Music Producer Kick Lee, Alabama Que Founder Dwan Ward, Lifestyle Blogger Kait Lott, Foodie Influencer Dione Wu, Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment CEO Britney Ruby Miller and Chef Jose Salazar to talk about what makes Cincinnati special and encourage people to get their Cincy on.

Shot in the heart of downtown’s Findlay market and across hot spots like 50 West Brewing, American Sign Museum, Cincinnati Observatory, Summit Park and the Incline District, Empower developed 80+ pieces of Creative for print, digital, OOH and audio.



Media investments exceeded impression goals by 119% and awareness studies show of the people that visited Cincinnati during the campaign window, 1/2 said the messaging (Get Your Cincy On) had some impact on their most recent trip, while 39% of those who have not recently visited said they are likely to visit Cincy after seeing the messaging.