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Studio Color Influencer Program


Increased Impressions

Organically, influencer posts drove 850K impressions ahead of amplification. Paid support increased impressions to 1.5 million.

Driving Traffic

Ten influencers curated 189 pieces of content across six social platforms. Organically performing well, we elevated exposure even more with paid media to drive traffic to Walmart’s website.

Better Performance

The campaign ended at an impressively low $0.10 CPC, performing 94% better than benchmark and ended at an extremely high CTR of 9.44%.

Rust-Oleum Rolls into New Category with Help from Influencers

Rust-Oleum was ready to launch into the Wall Paint Category with a test program at Walmart – and they wanted to do it in style.

Although Rust-Oleum had high brand awareness, success in a new sub-category wasn’t guaranteed.

On top of that, they wanted to develop content, increase awareness, drive consideration, and show Walmart they were serious partners on this product.

With more than 10 years experience working together, Rust-Oleum tapped into Empower’s influencer specialists to help achieve these goals.

Empower implemented influencer programs in key DMAs.  Our partners showcased some fantastic room makeovers, with Rust-Oleum Studio Color Wall Paint Front and Center.
In only three weeks after kickoff, the first pieces of content were up on the wall.

The local DIYers shared images for Rust-Oleum and Walmart to use in perpetuity creating an impressive content library for years to come.

The top performing influencer asset came in at a $0.09 CPC (95% better than benchmark) and an impressive CTR of 8.96%.

Even with the odds stacked against them, Rust-Oleum and Empower changed the look of rooms across the country.