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Celebrating Black History Month – What’s Your Plan?
“The things that make us different, those are our superpowers.” – Lena Waithe

Every year as we usher in the new year, we layout plans to celebrate Black history month. Typically, it’s filled with lots of articles celebrating the contributions of great Black inventors, entertainers, politicians, sprinkled with quotes from Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous speeches. Then we check the box that we’ve acknowledged the month and shift gears to the next celebration in March. But this month is so much more than a content calendar filled with “I Have a Dream” reposts and George Washington Carver’s peanut inventions. It is time to assess and re-affirm a commitment to Black Empowerment for the year.

So, what does that mean? It means treating the month as we would a business plan. We set goals for the year, and we track our progress in achieving those goals, as well as seek out ways to be better and do better. And to you, the question we ask is…

What is your plan for 2023 to affirm your commitment to Black Empowerment?

This is not a question that only organizations need to answer, but individuals as well. What can be done to help Black team members feel empowered to bring their uniqueness to the table every day? How do we allow those team members to showcase their superpowers? What can you do to promote fairness and equity towards upward mobility in your organizations? And how can you promote belonging and inclusion as part of the norm, not just the exception?

Once again, this is not just an organizational assessment, but an individual assessment as well. As a Black female senior leader in my organization, it has been my privilege to help my fellow Black team members to plan their career paths within our organization, by mentoring and helping to create a process that allows for a fair and equitable environment to unleash their superpowers, while still allowing them to live unapologetically. At Empower, we call it #LiveEmpowered!

So, what’s your plan for 2023?