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Welcome to Empower®
Midwestern hustle since 1985, with a Creative Media mentality.
Welcome to Empower®
Midwestern hustle since 1985, with a Creative Media mentality.
About Us
We are Empower,
America’s Largest Woman-Owned Media Agency.

Our advantage is simple. Clients first – not shareholders. From the day we opened our doors in 1985, Empower has challenged the media status quo. Decades later, this hustle has manifested itself as our Creative Media Approach.

Our Accomplishments
Wait ‘til you see what we do next.
Our Values

This is who we are. This is our WHY—to be stronger by pooling our unique talents and expertise into one world class team. Together, as one, we can break through clutter and ceilings. As one, we are more powerful, leaving the status quo and mediocrity in our dust. One agency, united and supported, challenging ourselves to deliver pure excellence for our clients.

Our WHY is our clients’ HOW—how they are Empowered to succeed.

Clients First. Always.

We’re partners, not vendors.

We Empower our clients to exceed goals, overcome challenges, & ‘wow’ customers. We work from the trenches with hands-on, practical collaboration and real-time solutions. Their business is our business.

Strive and Thrive

It’s fulfillment, not just work. 

We Empower one another with our drive to dig in and do more, side by side. Our strength is found in tearing down silos to allow for real communication & collaboration. It’s where our greatness happens.

Bring the Heat

We’re fanatics, not spectators.

We Empower the marketing industry by living and breathing our brands. We bring new energy, declarative leadership, and true excellence to the evolving advertising landscape.

Obsess Over Results

We focus on outcome, not clinging to process or the past. 

If the procedure is flawed, we adapt and evolve to make it new. We stay nimble, finding power in the pivot to meet the modern needs of today’s client.

Live Empowered

We are tenacious and fearless, never
backing down.

We are Empowered by the highest internal team standards. We push every boundary, break every limitation, and prove we’re built
to win.

Our Heritage
Mary Beth Price: Empowerer
Founded in the consumer marketing capital of the world, we’re headquartered in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Our 65,000-square-foot office building integrates a landmark structure from the 1860s with timeless new construction.
Empower's Chicago team is located on Michigan Avenue, Chicago’s most iconic street and its center of energy.
Our Atlanta office is located in the iconic West Midtown.
Our Clients
They stick around, defying industry standards – over 7+ years on average.
Our Spirit