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Empower Webinar: Spring & Summer Food Category Trends
The telltale signs of spring: snow turns into sunshine, empty flower beds bloom, birds begin to chirp and bakers swap their rich peanut butter pie recipes for fresh rhubarb pie.

You read that right. Food is hyper-seasonal, and each season brings new trends that marketers can tap into to ensure their brand stays top of mind.

Our CultureTapSM report on the food category highlights a few trends that brands in CPG (and beyond) can dig into, bringing relevance to their spring and summer marketing, media and creative strategies.

CultureTap is Empower’s trend identification platform, which helps brands participate in moments that matter. Unlike social listening tools, CultureTap isolates relevant cultural, category, brand, or competitive trends so smart marketers can act before it is too late.

Our Host

Leigh-Ann Bortz, Senior Director of Product Development

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