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Home Magazines Deliver DIY Inspiration and Trigger Sales
Long Live Home!

Home—and the time we spend there—has never been more valuable or relevant. We work, bake banana bread, do yoga, learn, and zoom with our friends. The extra time at home has led to increased interest in home improvement. Everyone wants their homes to be organized, multifunctional, and a retreat. People are taking on new projects because they have the time, finances, or aspiration to improve where they spend their days. DIY options not only revitalize spaces; they can provide a sense of satisfaction and reward while confined at home.

Magazines Inspire Purchase

Magazines remain a top source of inspiration for content, advice, décor, and products. In the past six months, 91% of U.S. Adults read a magazine, making the readership diverse and wide-reaching. Magazines remain resilient in the shelter category because of their unique benefits:

  1. Trusted – magazines are curated by dedicated editors to deliver the best of the best. Ideas and projects have been tested and vetted by specialists, providing a sense of trust that the Internet can sometimes lack.
  2. Relaxing – sitting down with a magazine can be a moment of escape. Magazines can stimulate emotion and trigger readers to try new things and help make purchase decisions.
  3. Revisit – readers save their issues to revisit when they need an inspiration boost or as different articles become relevant as new projects arise.

How Publishers are Capitalizing on the DIY Trend

This month, Conde Nast and Architectural Digest announced the launch of AD-IY and its accompanying Council. Architectural Digest’s newest talent of home experts will instruct their audience in all things AD It Yourself. They’ll provide step-by-step directions to remove mystery and build confidence around all things home and life. Each Council Member will create a “Guide To” that will live across digital, video, social, and print. Advertisers will have the opportunity to sponsor a category and receive branded content featuring the Council Member.

Hearst’s House Beautiful launched “My Home Project” where expert editors will curate simple guides breaking down any home improvement task into digestible steps. Brands can align with this home content that spans from tips to spruce up a living room to step-by-step advice for the big projects on readers’ to-do lists.

Good Housekeeping also joined the DIY bandwagon with “The Design Personality Playbook”. They believe that how we design our nests is a manifestation of our unique personalities. With that in mind, the editors at Good Housekeeping will work with their favorite designers to pull together whole-home mood boards that cater to any type of consumer. The mood boards will bring each look to life, designed to be saved by readers for inspiration.

In 2021 HGTV Magazine will celebrate its 10th Birthday and the book is as relevant as ever. Each issue shows readers that the home is in a constant state of evolution. There’s always something that could be improved upon, and what’s been decorated can always be redecorated. COVID has amplified the desire for home improvement and readers know that HGTV Magazine is a place to turn when looking for a mini makeover.

In today’s vast media landscape, shelter publications have proved their staying power as sources of fresh and entertaining content that translates to reliability and trust. For brands within the home category, it’s important to consider adding print to your media mix to influence purchase through inspiration. To make the biggest splash, consider running custom content that aligns with an editorial theme as those tend to resonate best with readers. For non-endemic advertisers, running in shelter print titles would be a great foray into the world of DIY and home improvement. Now is the time to reach consumers when they’re thinking about their most important place – home.