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An Insider’s View from the OMMA Jury “Box”
So, you think securing an OMMA Award for your company and colleagues is unattainable and there’s just no way you can be considered.

Well, that’s just not true. OMMA’s judging panelists are eager to illuminate the positive impact the Online Media Marketing and Advertising industry has on our communities. It might help, though, to consider things from the judge’s viewpoint. So, let’s get to it… what goes through the mind of an OMMA judge …

Business Impact + Social Impact + Innovation + Humanness = A Winning Formula

This formula is top of mind in examining categories and key to selections. It held true across many worthy category winners such as Salesforce’s Force Multiplier podcast, with no less a goal than “solving the world’s greatest challenges.” They may not have fully achieved that goal, but they did deliver a top 5 global forecast and made a social impact.

Another good example was JanSport’s “Carrying the Load for Teen Mental Health.” Besides enhancing JanSport’s brand perception, it supported a key social need.

For innovation at its best, check out how Chipotle bent reality with the first-ever NHL mixed reality effort that won Content Marketing: Single Execution. You might see the future world in a different way.

The exception to the “winning formula” was the Best in Show Cheeto’s “Hands-Free Tech” campaign; amazing in so many ways but maybe the social component could have been more of a core part.

If Ryan Reynolds Is Submitting, We All Should Be

Reynolds’ MNTN agency won the Advanced TV category with Steve-O’s “Hot Sauce” submission.

What a coup for the judges to add this fact to favorite “two truths and a lie” ice breakers. MNTN’s submission was not done lightly. Custom video cuts, strong storytelling, and business results were all there. Their entry was looked upon as a refreshing break from others of a more generic nature.

Speaking of Turn-offs….

In opposition to the winning formula, judges had negative reactions on some entries. For instance, watchouts included.

  • Ensure a Human Lens: It is so much easier to make engaging creative than media. Media alone submissions often become very technical and obscure. The ones that spoke to things like audiences and consumer perceptions rose above the noise.
  • More Sales After COVID Is Not Differentiating: The pandemic was horrible, true. But taking credit for tripling sales once people could get together again skewed reality.
  • Make the Judge Believe the Impact: It’s hard to believe a 2,000% sales lift is real or meaningful. A judge’s take: either you’ve never had sales or whatever marketing had been done was bad.

A Submission Tip: Make Your Brief Standout and Easy for Judges

It’s not hard and can be fun. Make sure you check the winning formula and have those points in the brief. Use attachments wisely –a custom video or a few tight slides can do amazing things to bring the submission to life.

A Call to Action

Please submit! The work you do is important and impacts our society, and OMMA wants to highlight it and celebrate it. The competition is stiff, and while everyone can’t win, there are over 35 categories and at least three finalists in each category. Go for it!

So, there you go, keep these insights in mind, and you’ll make it easier for the judges to choose your submission.