We are Always Looking
For Talented People

Why Empower

We are Personally
Invested in Our People

As a values-based agency focused on our people and our culture, we take your success very personally. That’s why we offer a competitive benefits package, including:

  • Paid Time Off

    With an open PTO policy for greater flexibility.

  • Paid Family Leave

    Paid maternity, paternity and adoption leave available.

  • Fitness Center

    Plus standing desks, company-wide walks and more (Cincy HQ).

  • Company-Paid

    In two nearby garages with gated, keycard entry (Cincy HQ).

  • Retirement
    Savings Plan

    With a company match 401k program and financial advisors.

  • Wellness

    From a staff massage therapist to wellness rewards.

  • Health Services

    Such as onsite biometric screens, flu shots and mammograms.

  • Health Care

    Health, vision, dental and life insurance offered.

  • Volunteer

    Company-sponsored community service activities.

  • Dog-Friendly

    Pups are welcome, and pet insurance is available (Cincy HQ).

  • Service Awards

    Presented for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of employment.

  • Coffee Bar

    With a playlist by our employee DJ of the Day.

Our Values

Words We Live
By (And In)

Our company values are at the heart of who we are, what we do and how we do it. They define expectations, set standards, create consistency, communicate priorities and – most importantly – foster solidarity. These are the values we not only live every day, but also live in every day, because our values are built into our office design.
  • Breakfast First Respect the process. There’s a reason your mom always said start your day off right with a good breakfast. It’s the order of things. The way to set yourself up for success. No different than any other dependable, valuable and effective process. That’s why we celebrate structure, discipline, rigor and attention to detail when doing our best work. We embrace the process and trust it will lead us to the right outcomes. So, take the time to add a little syrup to those pancakes. The results will be delicious.

  • Let's Be Clear Transparency wins. There’s a comfort and confidence knowing you’re not trying to hide anything. That you’re ingrained with honesty, authenticity and transparency. And that the combination of those things puts integrity at your core. You can’t fake it. You would never even want to. It’s who you are. It’s who we are. Through and through.

  • Plant the Flag Confidence in our position. When you hear “Plant the Flag,” you might think it only means “being the first.” But it’s so much more than that. To us, it means taking a position—a position backed by strong conviction. And that takes courage, curiosity, confidence and fearless exploration and creativity. These are the foundations of innovation and entrepreneurship that inspire us to embrace the constant challenge to break the molds and push away from the pack, or when necessary, learn fast and stake our position.

  • Yes, and Build on the possibilities. It’s amazing how two of the simplest, most common words, when put together, can spark a better conversation, a bigger idea or a wild success. But those two words are meaningless without listening first. When we embrace the humility to listen and the courage to build, the path leads us to chemistry, positivity and possibility. Together, two little words, capture the spirit of meaningful collaboration.

  • Dust Yourself Off The power of positivity. It’s a lesson you learn when you’re young, but its relevance persists. Go for the extra base. Head first. Get dirty. Safe or out, doesn’t matter. Because you get up, slap a little dust off, learn from it and get ready to go again smarter than before. It’s our tenacious, unshakeable, unwavering will that reminds us—like a good parent does—fear and failure are simply ingredients of success.

  • Make it Personal People-inspired spirit. Uniqueness. Individuality. Personalization. We value these not only in the media and messages we recommend, but in our own culture. For us, “make it personal” means being entrepreneurial by choice, flexible by design and doing our best to honor the life-work blend. We champion a people-first mentality in our decision making that is fueled by our passionate, family-founded roots. Because when we all treat our business personally, we serve our clients and each other better—and that leads to more meaningful results.


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