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New Brand “All In Together” Launches Bracelet Benefiting COVID-19 Relief
Backed by Empower Brand Lab, Employees and Media Partners.

CINCINNATI – (June 10, 2020) – The All In Together bracelet was born out of crisis and designed to be part of a solution. Largely inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, All In Together bracelets are a stylish symbol designed to unite loved ones from any distance, reminding them that they are not alone. At five dollars apiece, 100% of net proceeds from sales and/or donations benefit organizations dedicated to providing COVID-19 relief. These include The Opportunity Fund, CDC Foundation and Feeding America. Consumers can decide which organization they want their purchase to benefit.

All In Together bracelets bond us together when we’re apart,” said Mitch Dunn, SVP of Empower’s Brand Lab. “They’re physical reminders that we’re in this as one. The power of unity won’t solve everything, but we’ll get nowhere without it,” he said.

The All In Together bracelet is a direct-to-consumer product that comes out of Creative Media Agency Empower’s Brand Lab. All In Together is one of several direct-to-consumer products the Brand Lab team is developing.

“As a data-driven, Creative Media Agency, Empower is an inventor as much as its clients,” says Empower CEO Jim Price. “By harnessing research and cultural insights derived from servicing so many clients during our 35-years of experience that stretch across diverse industries, we’ve uncovered a unique opportunity to innovate on the fly in-house. We strategically focus on DTC to better understand this emerging landscape and advise our clients who are competing with these types of brands more and more every day,” Price says.

Empower’s media partners are also supporting the launch of All In Together by providing complimentary airtime and ad space to help garner awareness for the bracelets that benefit COVID-19 relief.

About All In Together

All In Together bracelets unite us in unprecedented circumstances. With each sale and donation, they’ll also help build us back up. All proceeds benefit organizations dedicated to providing COVID-19 relief. Give what you can. Anything makes a difference. We can do this. All In Together. Visit https://allinbracelet.com/ for more information.

About Empower Brand Lab

All In Together bracelets are made possible by the Brand Lab Team at Empower. Visit www.empowermm.com to learn more about the agency.

About Empower

We are Empower, The Un-Holding Company. Our advantage is simple. Clients first – not shareholders.

From the day we opened our doors in 1985, Empower has challenged the media status quo. Decades later, this hustle manifested into what we call Creative Media.

Recognized by The One Show, as Campaign US’s Agency of the Year, as an Ad Age Agency A-List Standout and as MediaPost’s Media Agency of the Year, our integrated team of experts in Creative, Media, Analytics, and Word-of-Mouth Marketing outperforms expectations.

Some of our biggest fans include Tempur Sealy, Fifth Third Bank, Gorilla Glue, TriHealth, Brooks Running, Jack Link’s, V-Tech, Bush Brothers, Wendy’s, GNC, Famous Footwear, Ashley HomeStore, Rust-Oleum, The Body Shop and PetSmart. 

Empower is headquartered in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of downtown Cincinnati. Our Chicago office is located in the city’s bustling River North neighborhood, just steps from the Merchandise Mart. 

While much has evolved in our 35-year history, we remain independent with plenty of Midwest hustle…

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